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has been an professional mold supplier for over 10 years .Our plastic injection mold factory creates high quality products for PET preform molds, cap molds and plastic houseware molds. We take pride in providing excellent results for our customers. With our expert research and development team, advanced production equipment and our strict quality control system, we provide injection mold solutions for numerous preforms, caps, handles, pallets and other daily necessities like thin-walled products, spoons and forks. We are dedicated to meeting your requirements, and we continuously create new plastic mold designs in response to our customers’ needs.

OEM and ODM businesses are warmly welcomed.

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Our Workshop

Our Design Procedure

Mold Design Procedure
  • Input Quality Control: Steel, Components, Mold base

  • Process Quality Control: Machining, Assembly, Trial out

  • Outgoing Quality Control

Our service

Regarding customer as the center

  • We are committed to designing products that meet your individual requirements.  We send every customer drawings of our designs before production, and works closely with our customers to fulfil their specific requirements.
  • We repeat this process following the production process.  We send every customer product samples so that you can be confident in the quality of our products.
  • We test all our products thoroughly and provide the customer with the test report.
  • Our injection machines test our molds for quality and strength.
  • We have a team of dedicated engineers who can attend your premises if any problems arise.
  • We are committed to responding immediately if our customers need help, and we do so within 1 day.
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