Project Description

Flip Top Cap Mold

Main Specifications

Mold cavity: 1-48 cav

Mold material: S136 / Stainless steel # 2316 for injection core, injection cavity, lip

Mold base material: P20

Mold guarantee: one million shots in first year

Gate type: Hot runner or cold runner

Recycle time: 10S -20S

Finish time: 45-60 days

Package And Shipment

1. After we get our customer’s confirmation for shipment, we attach a plate to the mold: this shows the product’s serial number, production year and mold information.

2.At this stage we paint the mold with anti-rust oil, then we wrap it safely in a plastic bubble bag for protection.

3.Then we label the package as necessary to ensure that it reaches you safely.

4.We put the package in a wooden case to protect it during shipping.

5.We label the wooden case carefully to ensure that your order reaches you safely and quickly.